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Thailand lauded for better treatment of migrant workers

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has claimed that the Thai fishing industry has improved in almost every aspect.

A survey by the ILO found that the number of migrant workers employed in the fishing sector increased by 43%. The workers are reportedly receiving higher wages and better employment contracts. The survey didn’t find any under age workers.

Despite positive signs, there was clear evidence of income disparity, with half of the female workers earning less than their male counterparts.

The ILO has asked the government and the trade union to take necessary steps to solve the outstanding issues.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labor, Jarin Chakkaphark, said migrant workers who have already registered with the ministry and had their nationality verified will be protected from unfair treatment.

In Samut Sakhon province, 12 additional retina scanners have been brought in to speed up the nationality verification process.

Jarin said the One-Stop Service center in Samut Sakhon can now process up to 6,000 workers per day, expecting all alien workers to have their nationality verified by the end of March.

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