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Thai Coconut Milk Ice Cream Authentic Thai Dessert


Preparation :

1. Heat 5 cups of fragrant flower water and pour into grated coconut. Squeeze to make 7 cups coconut milk.

2. Add sugar and bring to boil. Stir constantly. Sieve with white filter cloth and leave to cool down.

3. Rinse ice-cream maker and dry well. Pour mixture into inner container of the ice-cream maker. Close lid and set up properly. In outer container, put in crushed ice in alternate layers with salt up to 3/4 part. Leave for 10 minutes and start ice-cream maker. While the machine is at work, constantly fill up outer container with ice and salt.

4. If using electric ice-cream maker. First, fill half of container with ice and salt. Then plug on and start the machine. When machine begins to work, fill up the container with ice and salt. Note : Boiling coconut milk will help preserve it in best condition and will not be smelly. Using grated coconut from market will become rancid easily. If grated coconut is home made, the coconut milk will be fresher and fragrant. Syrup made from sugar, flour and jasmine-scented water is easy to strain.

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