1 Mission -20 Countries – STOP CHILD LABOUR
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1 Mission -20 Countries – STOP CHILD LABOUR

AG Solo Traveller who strongly believe in “Be the you thats true”. Indian traveller from Delhi started ‘Delhi to London’ by toad by car all alone

There are more than 280 million children and youth under the age of 14, around the world who do not go to school. We as a socially responsible citizen must ensure every child’s basic right to go to school is realized and their childhood is not exploited.

AG is on a mission from India to London for creating awareness to abolish child labour. AG’s silent mission was flagged off from India Gate on 15th may 2019 and will cross 2 continents – 20 countries by road and ALL ALONE and yes driving back in the same car from London to Delhi – it may sound crazy for few and others may think him maniac. Yes big moves are silent in the beginning until they create a roar and I’m here to create the big ROAR in the minds of people across countries that the best place for a child to go is SCHOOL .
During this mission, one of his many avatars apart from driving , navigating and photography is He become a chaiwala(Tea Vendor) he make tea 100 people in a day & serve free to interact with locals speak to them on Why child labour should be stopped and benefits of educating the children and protecting the future of the children, family , country and the world at large.

There are many international treaties and conventions regarding the prohibition of child labour. The conventions of the International Labour Organisation, adopted by the majority of countries in the world, are considered to be the most important ones. In brief, these conventions prohibit child labour under the age of 14 and hazardous work under the age of 18.

AG’s Travel:
AG cross the length and breadth of the countries He travel to create awareness, some days are as smooth as the icing on the cake and other days are back wrecking where I hardly cover 300 kms mostly He camp in his tent or sleep in car and cook his food and there are days where He welcomed home by a complete stranger family with warmth of love, compassion, great food and a warm place to sleep.
Travel makes a man a better person, and this travel is helping him to better himself and also the implant the adverse effects of child labour, make people understand what we are depriving the children by making them work today and forcing their future to darkness.
He is currently in Myanmar and his plan to visit Bangkok Thailand 13-16 June ‘19 and to do his awareness activity by serving free tea to all.
This will be the first of its kind expedition where someone who will be crossing all these countries Myanmar, Thailand,Lao, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Poland, spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom etc

His travel and mission updates are regularly updated on social media instagram:  www.instagram.com/beyouthatstrue

youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXH_hHpqVTCH6pBTwAnK3w

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agsolotraveller

please like, share, subscribe and follow him though social media for a social cause and you can also support him by attending his activity, hosting him with food and shelter during his travel to your cities and help him in epic mission to reach the world at large.

Each one of will take a pledge that we will save a child from child labour and help the child to get their share of education or least we can alarm the local officials about the illegal child labour in their vicinity or neighborhood.

Though He will create few records like Limca Book of Records, World Book of Records for being the first person (Solo) to cover 20 countries and approximately 65000 kms by doing this trip solo,

‘ I will be more happy if I could at least rescue 200 children from the child labour bondage and give them their right to education’ – Aditya Goel(AG)

This mission will be successful only if we create a platform for children to study and exemplar in their lives.

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